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Scarlet Road Letter To Parents

Scarlet Road Letter To Parents

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Staff and students have recognized the need to educate their peers on sexual assault and exploitation. As a result, we have partnered with Scarlet Road, a local organization, that provides lessons targeted for secondary students to support this effort.

The week of April 25-29, students in advisory can participate in these informational sessions.  These sessions are voluntary, and students are invited to attend if they wish or they may stay in their advisory class and continue those lessons.  Sessions do not address human development or reproduction. 

The content focuses on:

  • Navigating Relational Expectations 
  • Tech Safety 
  • Universal Human Needs
  • Systemic Harms Connected to Relational Violence 
  • Defining Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking
  • Risk Environments Connected to Exploitation & Human Trafficking Locally 
  • Knowing Your Rights: Laws & Policies 
  • Choice, Consent & Trauma Response 
  • Red Flags Connected to Sexual Exploitation 
  • How to Get Safe Help 

We will also have counselors available afterward for any follow up support a student may need.

If you wish to preview the curriculum/material in person, contact Discovery at 360-443-3680 prior to the sessions.


Pat Oster, Principal
Discovery High School

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