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Transcript Request

South Kitsap School District uses a service called Parchment for transcript requests. Many colleges, universities, and employers across the country are already part of the Parchment network. This online process sends your transcript quickly and securely to the destination of your choice (college, employers, etc.)

  • This service is for all transcript requests, official or unofficial, current students or alumni.  Transcripts are the official Washington State document that provide proof of graduation
  • A diploma is a ceremonial certificate. There is only one copy of the diploma.  If you have already picked yours up, we cannot reproduce it.  You can request a transcript to provide evidence to colleges and employers that you graduated from high school.

How do I request a transcript?

  1. When you create your Parchment account and request a transcript, our Registrar is notified.
  2. Your request will be approved within 24-48 hours unless you owe any fines/fees to Discovery.
  3. Upon verification, your transcript is sent automatically.  Orders are checked to ensure the most recent transcript is sent.

PLEASE NOTE: The self-view transcript sitting in your account is a download from a specific point in time.  It is not live data.  When new grades are posted, you need to make another request for a self-view transcript to see the updated grades.

CURRENT SENIORS:  instructions to order your final transcript can be found here.

Be sure to enter: 
•  your last name when you attended Discovery  
(if you've had a name change, this would be your maiden/former name)
•  the year you graduated from/or left Discovery.

**If you are a parent/guardian requesting on behalf of your student, please use the student's information (date of birth, student ID number, GRAD YEAR)  when filling out the registration.

Click the link below to get started!

For video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions visit the Parchment Help Center